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welcome to my office! a place where i put my degrees to work and share my love for all things science! today we are talking about the impact of calorie labeling.

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a study published in Spring of this year in the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing (abstract) evaluated the impact of numeric and color-coded calorie labeling on online food ordering among 803 orders placed by 249 study participants. they found that the calories ordered from labeled menus were 10% less than those without any labeling system.

this was the first study to evaluate the ‘traffic light’ color-coded labeling system, which places a red light by items with a higher calorie count and a green light by items with a lower calorie count.


so…let’s think about it. in May 2017 the US FDA will start requiring calorie labeling by restaurants, online food vendors, and vending machines. personally, i do not calorie count – but rather use a portion control system that keeps me balanced without going crazy! and, although i understand the importance of educating the public on their choices, i also believe that healthful food choice are broader and more complex than calories alone!

what do you think about calorie labeling? COMMENT below!

class dismissed. 🙂


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