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welcome to my office! a place where i put my degrees to work and share my love for all things science! today we are talking about dietary fiber and aging.

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a study published in April of this year in The Journals of Gerontology (link to article) found that eating the right amount of fiber from foods like fruits, breads, and cereals can help us age more healthfully.

this study examined 1,600 adults over 10 years and found that adults who consumed more fiber had what they called more “successful aging”. this meant that as these adults aged they were less likely to be disabled, display signs of depression, have impairment in their cognitive or respiratory functions, and get chronic diseases like cancer, coronary artery disease, or stroke. all conditions i would like to avoid!

SOOOO….let’s think about it! i have a lot of clients that come to me terrified of foods like bread and fruit and are surprised when i recommend they incorporate them into their diet in a HEALTHFUL form in moderation. this study suggests that incorporating healthy carbohydrates like whole grain breads (i love sprouted grain bread), rolled oats, and fresh fruits may have more health benefits than we realized!

what are your favorite healthy breads/cereal or fruits? COMMENT below!

class dismissed.


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  1. Kristina

    June 8, 2016

    I love this so much! I totally used to be that person who was terrified to eat bread or really any grains! But I know for me the 21 Day Fix really taught me how to incorporate those things back into my diet and I’m loving having the extra variety!!

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