healthy living tip: on morning exercise

Today’s tips: how to exercise in the morning.


Figure 1. Morning exhaustion face.

Tip #1. Sleep in your workout clothes (I’m serious). Wash them first, of course. When you wake up after a (albeit slightly uncomfortable) night of rest already in your workout gear – what excuse do you have? Are you really doing to take them off without working out? (The answer is no).

Tip #2. Set your coffee pot on auto-brew. This is a new habit for me, but the sound and smell of my coffee pot at work in the morning is (sometimes) enough to lure me out of bed (Figure 2).


Figure 2. My morning arsenal: coffee (auto-brewed), water, 1/2 banana.

Tip #3. Peruse Pinterest fitness boards. This tip is mildly pathetic, but surprisingly effective. If I’m not in the mood to workout, I’ll spend a few minutes perusing the fitness boards on Pinterest. Seeing rock hard bodies and motivational quotations usually gets my adrenaline going (Figure 3).

Tip #4. Remember it doesn’t have to be your best. You don’t have to have the best workout of your life. You just have to move. Maybe you’ll silently curse the entire time and stop a bit earlier than you intended – but you will have worked out. Sometimes telling yourself this is enough to get you out of your early-morning haze.


Figure 3. A little early-morning fitness Pinterest inspiration and coffee.

Tip #5. Reincarnate as a morning person. Try these tips, do. But, just like I’ll never be a night owl, I’m convinced some people just aren’t meant to workout in the morning. And that’s okay. Just workout.


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