it’s monday: beauty is in your soul

it’s monday!

i remember how i used to sit and flip through magazines over the years like Seventeen, Cosmo, Shape and wonder if i could ever be beautiful like those women i saw on and i must admit there have been seasons in my own life when the actions i took – exercise, eating a certain way, buying certain clothes – were motivated by the desire to be beautiful in the way the world had relentlessly taught me. thinking back on it, maybe this is what started my interest in health and fitness – but it certainly is not what has fueled it through more recent years.

i would be lying if i said there still weren’t moments where the only reason i hit my gym or eat that salad is to look a certain way (i am human after all), but i have learned that beauty it is SO MUCH BIGGER than that. and that if your motivation to change is something so simple – so fleeting – as magazine-level beauty it will


if we can shift our focus and work on ourselves from the INSIDE – this, my friends – may be the way to find true beauty. and once we find happiness and peace in the small pleasures in life, in family, in friends, in kindness, in the cool morning breeze, in the sound of the rain on the pavement – that is when our beauty is whole. and when we are beautiful for reasons deep within us, we can do the work to change all aspects of ourselves for the better.

so this week, let’s work on finding beauty in the most important place – deep in our souls.


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