it’s monday: stop, breathe, cry if you must

it’s monday!

i think sometimes it’s easy to overlook that making changes in your health and fitness is an emotional journey. in the training i’m doing right now for my integrative health coaching certification we talk a lot about how finding peace within yourself – your emotions, relationships, spirituality, happiness – is crucial to conquer first before tackling what is on your plate. the fact of the matter is that if i come home stressed and unhappy after a negative day – making healthy choices is SO MUCH HARDER than if i am calm, satisfied, and joyful.

i understand that relationships with food and exercise are extremely complicated (i’ve been there, trust me!). that is why today – this image hit home with me.


even though understanding nutrition and portion control is so important – we ALSO need to work on ourselves. taking moments throughout our week to pause and reflect and EXPERIENCE those emotions we may have from the daily rigors of life.

so today, i hope that you’ll find space in your day to STOP, BREATHE, and CRY IF YOU MUST. and know that in doing so, you are giving yourself an important gift that will benefit you in so many ways.


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