it’s monday: supposed to be

it’s monday!

somewhere along the line these images of what we are “supposed” to be get created. it might involve achieving a certain amount of success, having a perfect family by a certain age, living in a certain city or in a certain type of house, or even being a certain weight or being able to run a certain number of miles.


at one time in my life that picture for me, personally, included being a successful academic and it also included reaching a specific number on the scale and being able to run a specific number of miles weekly – even at the sacrifice of my health and happiness. when i became brave enough to step back from these goals – to stop focusing on that number on the scale, to let my body guide my fitness instead of the structured plan i was forcing myself to follow, and to do what i LOVE every day instead of doing what i thought i SHOULD love – my world was transformed.

do you struggle with this? this week, i encourage you to remind yourself of the following: that life isn’t so neat and organized as the plans our own brains may have created for us. life is messy and fluid and our goals and needs change over time. instead of desperately trying to match your “supposed to be” image – step back, adjust, and live life with flexibility. instead, focus on finding happiness and peace – and in that you will find the greatest rewards.


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